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Cambridge Advanced Program of Study (CAPS)

4 Year Example for Students starting 9th Grade in 2016-2017

1English Honors (IGCSE)AICE General PaperAICE English Language 1 (AS)AICE English Language 2 (A)
2Biology Honors (IGCSE)Chemistry Honors (IGCSE)AICE Biology AS or AICE Marine Science or AICE EnvironmentAICE Physics or AICE Marine Science A level or AICE Biology A Level
3World History HonorsAICE American History or American History HonorsCivics Honors/AICE Economics or Economics HonorsAICE Thinking Skills
4Math 2 HonorsMath 3 HonorsAICE MathAPCalculus AB
5Principals of Business and FinanceMarketingMarketing ManagementAICE Business Studies
6Healthful Living IPhysical Fitness IAICE Psychology or Honors ElectiveAICE Sociology
7Freshman SeminarPerforming ArtsAICE Global PerspectivesHonors Elective
8Spanish IISpanish IIISpanish IVAICE Spanish

Suggested Cambridge Progression:


9th English Honors (IGCSE)
10th AICE General Paper
11th AICE English Language AS
12th AICE English Language A


7th Algebra 1 Honors (Math 1Honors)
8th Geometry Honors (Math 2 Honors) or IGCSE Math
9th Algebra 2 Honors (Math 3 Honors) or IGCSE Additional Math
10th AICE Math
11th AP Calculus AB
12th AP Calculus BC


9th Biology Honors (IGCSE) (or Environmental Management IGCSE)
10th Chemistry Honors IGCSE (or Biology IGCSE)
11th AICE Marine Science AS or AICE Biology AS or AICE Environmental Science AS
12th AICE Marine Science A or AICE Biology A or AICE Chemistry AS or AICE Physics AS

Social Studies

9th World History Honors
10th AICE History AS level (American)
11th AICE History A level (American)
12th AICE Economics


11th AICE Global Perspectives