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4 English

  • English I/English I Honors (IGCSE English)
  • English II/English II Honors (IGCSE English)
  • English III/English III Honors (IGCSE English)
  • English IV /English IV Honors (IGCSE English)

4 Mathematics

  • Math I/Math I Honors
  • Math II/Math II Honors (IGCSE Mathematics)
  • Math III/Math III Honors (AS/A Level Mathematics)
  • One additional course

3 Science

  • Biology/Biology Honors (IGCSE Biology)
  • Earth/Environmental Science or Earth/Environmental Science Honors (IGCSE Environmental Management)
  • A Physical Science course

4 Social Studies

  • World History
  • Civics & Economics or Civics & Economics Honors
  • American History I & II/AICE American History
  • Or- a Cambridge History plus one additional class

2 Health and Physical Education

Healthful Living
One additional credit required

2 World Languages

  • Courses offered may include:
    • Spanish I & II
    • French I & II
    • Latin I & II
    • German I & II

6 Electives/acceleration courses

2 Credits from a combination of:

  • Career and Technical Education courses (CTE)
  • Arts Education
  • World Languages

4 Credits from a combination of:

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Arts Education (dance, music, theater arts, visual arts)
  • Any other subject area course offered (mathematics, science, social studies, or English)

1 credit required during Freshman Academy:

  •  Principles of Business and Finance

Freshman Academy: A small learning community, comprising a group of students within the larger high school who take classes together, taugh tby a team of teachers from different disciplines.

Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Project is a culmination of a student’s academic and community learning experience.