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Cabarrus_JuneOne of the most exciting parts of starting high school is choosing courses that challenge and interest you. Listed here are the anticipated course offerings for the fall at Cabarrus Upper School. Ultimately, you are in charge. We’ll offer these courses based on student demand.

Which ones do you plan to sign up for?

• English 1

• English 1 Honors (IGCSE English)

• English 2

• English 2 Honors (AICE General Paper)

• Foundations of Math I

• Math I

• Math II

• Math II Honors (IGCSE Mathematics)

• Math III

• Math III Honors (AS/A Level Mathematics)

• Earth Science/Environmental Science

• Earth Science/Environmental Science Honors

(IGCSE Environmental Management)

 • Biology

• Biology Honors (IGCSE Biology)

• Chemistry

• Chemistry Honors

• World History

• World History Honors (AICE History, International

or European)

• American History

• American History Honors (AICE History, American)

Click here to download Cabarrus_Courses_JUNE