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It is our pleasure to introduce to you our Girls With Pearls, Boas, and Books and Boys with Button-downs, Bow-ties, and Books Book Club hosted by Ms. Wilson, 1st Grade teacher. The Book Club is open to students in grades K-5th. The Book Club gives the students the opportunity to grow and develop their reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and technology skills. These skills give them Literacy Enrichment and help the students master and model enriched reading practices. The Book Club creates opportunities and experiences for all students to develop a love for reading, and focus their attention on how BOOKS impact our lives in a delightful way. The girls wear pearls and boas and the boys wear button-downs and bow-ties as they sip on tea at their very own Tea Party while interacting with one another in an elegant fashion. The Book Club uses keywords such as attitudes, character, enrichment reading practices, increased reading fluency, independent reading, and oral reading. Ms. Wilson shows the student how to read naturally and give guided reading practices on the book of the week. The featured book for the girls is Fancy Nancy Tea Party and Arthur’s Reading Race for the boys.
Reading is elegant and fun! Let’s continue to build confidence one book at a time at every page we turn!