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Address: 355 Poplar Crossing NW, Concord NC 28027
Telephone (Main): 704-789-2500
Fax: 704-789-2501
Email: info@cabarruscharter.org

Upper Campus

Address: 7550 Ruben Linker Rd W., Concord, NC 28027
Telephone (Main): 704-886-2158
Fax: 704-886-2159

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am- 3:30pm

If you would like more information about what charter schools are, the advantages Charter Schools USA brings or would like to find another Charter Schools USA school in your area. Visit us at www.charterschoolsusa.com.


Name Position Email
Lloyd Knight North Carolina Lead Principal lknight@charterschoolsusa.com
Alicia McCree Principal Upper Campus amccree@cabarruscharter.org
De’Shaunda Hampton Principal in Training Lower Campus dhampton@cabarruscharter.org
Tina Cataldo Assistant Principal Lower Campus tcataldo@cabarruscharter.org
Angie Crider School Operations Administration Lower Campus acrider@cabarruscharter.org
Amanda Berridge Enrollment Manager aberridge1@cabarruscharter.org
Heather Williams (6-10) Enrollment Manager-Upper Campus hwilliams@cabarruscharter.org
Deanna Baucom School Operations Coordinator – 6-12 Campus dbaucom@cabarruscharter.org
Michael Silver Dean of Students Lower Campus msilver@cabarruscharter.org