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What is exactly is “A Day Without Hate???”

A “Day without Hate” is a student-led, grassroots organization that promotes nonviolence, unity, and respect in
our schools. Students wear white in order to show a commitment and trust in each other to make their school a safer
place. Together we show the world that when we focus on forgiving the past and accepting the future, and when
we unite with other students and disregard all our differences; we are experiencing how to be part of something
bigger than ourselves and showing that the power of love is stronger than hate.
We are “candle lighters, not just darkness fighters”.

Who are we doing this for?
• Anyone who has been affected by bullying or violence in their school.
• Anyone who is concerned/affected by recent occurrences of school violence.
• A day of remembrance for victims of school violence.

Why are we doing this?
• To create that sense of unity in our school community.
• To learn to set aside petty differences and be accepting and tolerant in a real-life environment.
• To acknowledge victims of school violence and attempt to stop what causes these tragedies.